Commitment to Excellence….


At ElderChoice, we are committed to excellence and providing superb quality care.   We are proud of our ongoing quality assurance/quality improvement efforts and strive to ensure the best trained employees, who love what they do and feel deeply appreciated.

Continuous compliance is a key ingredient in ElderChoice’s on going success and is embedded in all we do.

For more resources and information on Corporate Compliance regulations, you can browse the New York State Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) web page:


NYS OMIG web site


NYS OMIG Work Plan 2019- 2020


Corporate Compliance Officer

Rei Thompson

To report a Corporate Compliance concern and/or for compliance questions, please contact Rei at:

** 315-252-7889 ext. 316 **

(phone w/ confidential voice messaging)

– locked drop box at the Corporate Office –

or post mail to:

208 W. Main Street

Elbridge, NY  13060

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