ElderChoice | Syracuse, NY


“I am satisfied with my PCA. She is friendly and very helpful to me”

Fidelis Care at Home patient


“Kathy is great!!”

TBI Waiver participant


“Jen Wiles is awesome! A super Service Coordinator! Extremely helpful, understanding, respectful! She is a great asset to your agency!”

Family Member


“Dad and family are very happy with Allie and Amber – great gals and work well with Dad and us – Thanks!!

Family Member


“Your outfit is the best!”

Patient’s son


“Ruth is a great help with mom and me. I am very pleased with her demeanor, manner, professionalism and smile!”

– Patient’s mother


“Lisa Santmyer is a great person to work with, always helpful and always does her best to help. Just a terrific person”

-NHTD Waiver Participant


“We have had no problems with staff – always prompt and take care of any emergencies”

Patient’s Wife


“Amazed at how helpful and caring the staff is !!

Family member


“Cindy Seaman is wonderful!

Fidelis Care at Home patient


“I’m proud to say that I work for ElderChoice and believe in the work that we do.


Jenn – Employee


“Aaron Harris and his professional team proved to be powerful and effective in personalizing one-on-one care, tailored to meet John’s mom’s needs as well as satisfy our concerns and expectations.


The continuity of the staff was very important due to her dementia. The staff was matched by the PCA’s experience, skill set and personality. We found that the PCA’s and nursing professionals all had integrity, patience, compassion and enthusiasm. Each staff member told us they would treat John’s mom as if she were their own mom. The commitment from each caregiver/nurse was amazing.


There was a communication folder that was created by the lead RN and kept in the house for all staff and family to read daily. The folder contained the Care Plan designed specifically for John’s mom, as well as daily charting such as Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), medication intake, food intake, etc. The team worked together to keep her physically active, socially engaged, mentally stimulated and emotionally strong.


Aaron Harris promised and delivered quality home care. ElderChoice gave John’s mom the respect and dignity she deserved. Thank you ElderChoice for being there for us.”

Dawn C.


“Holley and Donna were always so responsive.  I certainly couldn’t have cared for her on my own for long, that’s for sure.  It really helped having staff around.


Family Member from Syracuse NY.


“Our mom would not be living independently in her own apartment if it wasn’t for her Service Coordinator.  She is an angel and definitely our most valuable asset in helping to manage mom’s care!


Lorri M.   (Family Member)


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