Personal Care Aide (PCA) Training – Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I become Personal Care Aide certified through ElderChoice?

We provide Personal Care Aide Training to qualified ElderChoice employees. At this time, we do not offer this training to individuals who are not affiliated with ElderChoice or another contracted home care agency. To apply for employment with ElderChoice, go to our website at and click on the Careers tab. Scroll to the geographic location you are interested in, click, fill out the on line application and submit.


2. What are the qualifications to become a Personal Care Aide?

The following are MANDATORY requirements to become a PCA with ElderChoice:

    • a. You must have a working email.
    • b. You must provide a pre-employment physical examination performed by a physician or nurse practitioner completed on the ElderChoice form.
    • c. You must provide the following medical documentation: a current negative PPD (Tuberculosis) test or current Chest X-Ray signed off by a Registered Nurse or Physician. (PPD tests are generally available through your local County Health Dept.) You must also provide proof of 2 vaccines for: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (2MMRs) OR titers stating your immunity to Rubella and Rubeola.
    • d. You must sign a CHRC (Criminal History Records Check) Fingerprint Consent form (DOH 102). You must comply with the CHRC request for fingerprint scan (if applicable), and you must be approved by the Department of Criminal Justice to provide Personal Care Aide services.
    • e. You must comply with and successfully complete all required PCA, Department of Health and ElderChoice trainings.
    • f. You must provide with 3 References including at least one work related reference. We must be able to successfully complete an employment verification, and the remaining two references.


3. What can you tell me about the training?

The PCA class is a mandatory 40 hour, NYS approved training. This is typically broken down over six days, with additional three days of ElderChoice specific new hire training. The PCA training is taught by an ElderChoice Registered Nurse and are held at one of our community offices. All training through ElderChoice is PAID at minimum wage.


4. Do you offer Home Health Aide Training?

At this time, ElderChoice does not offer a Home Health Aide Training class.


5. How often are PCA classes held?

PCA training classes are held regionally, based on need. Only a pre-determined number of individuals will be offered employment, based on an in-person interview, submission of mandatory medical documents and approval from the Department of Criminal Justice (see above).