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    What is Service Coordination?

Service Coordination is an individually designed, professional service that assists the participant to facilitate, coordinate and maintain necessary services in their home and community.   Specific to the TBI Waiver and NHTD Waiver, a Service Coordinator collaborates with the individual to assess needed services,  completing and  submitting a program enrollment packet.  Once approved, the Service Coordinator facilitates a person-centered approach to ensure the participant receives quality services that encourage and support personal safety, independence and well being.

Service Coordinators at ElderChoice are highly trained in community networking, governmental benefits and available resources.  With decades of experience in Service Coordination, and with the Waiver programs, our Service Coordination team ensures the highest quality care to the participant.

All referrals to the TBI Waiver and NHTD Waiver for initial program enrollment must be made through the Regional Resource Development Center (RRDC).   The RRDC will contact the individual for an intake screening and review the enrollment process in full.  The RRDC will also ensure the individual receives a list of approved agencies that provide Service Coordination.  Individuals are always encouraged to interview agencies, ask questions and make informed decisions about the team they chose to work with.

Interested in a referral to the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver or Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver?

In the Syracuse/Utica area, contact TBI Waiver RRDC @ ARISE;   NHTD Waiver RRDC @ ARISE

In the Cortland/Cayuga/Binghamton area, contact:  TBI Waiver RRDC @ Southern Tier Independence Center;   NHTD Waiver RRDC @ Southern Tier Independence Center;